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   How Effective Is Your Web Site?

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So you've decided that your Web site needs an overhaul. Before you start work, however, you and your Web design firm need to do a bit of planning.
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56% of online shoppers are more likely to shop at an online store that offers personalization. (CyberDialogue Study, May 2001)
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AuditIt Offers You Web Site Evaluation Options:

Choose from three options:

1.      The Standard AuditIt Web Site Evaluation: How well are you doing? Have your Internet presence assessed against accepted "best practice" standards and receive a detailed report, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and recommending improvements, within 14 days.

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2.     The Security Audit Report: How secure are you? Identify where your site is vulnerable to hackers with a specialist Web site Security audit, based on the most effective security vulnerability test available online.

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3.     The Security Plus AuditIt Web Site Evaluation: How confident should you be? Get the benefits of a standard evaluation plus an additional specialist Web site Security report. Discover how to equip your Web site to achieve its goals and how to protect your Web site investment within 14 days.

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Find Out What Changes You Need to Make to Your Web Site

The first step toward equipping your Web site to achieve your online goals is to find out what you are doing wrong. Simple, really. How do you correct your mistakes if you don't know you are making them? That is where an independent and objective third party comes in.

AuditIt identifies your Web site's strengths and weaknesses in plain language reports. Concerned that your business/organization could be doing better online? Worried about Internet security? AuditIt reports provide detailed assessments of Web site effectiveness and/or security and recommend improvements.

Signing Up is Easy

Sign up online. You decide how much contact we have with you. Our signup process provides us with all the information we need to assess your Web site. We visit your Web site and experience it as your visitors do. There is no need for meetings or extensive correspondence.

Once you complete the sign up process all you need to do is wait 14 days. We notify you via email when your report is ready. Read the report online or download a PDF version.

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