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Why Audit Your Site

   What Can An Independent Evaluation of Your Web Site Offer You?

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So you've decided that your Web site needs an overhaul. Before you start work, however, you and your Web design firm need to do a bit of planning.
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Web Site Evaluation Facts that Matter
If a customer has a bad experience on your Web site, they will tell, on average, 10 other people. (Forester research, 1998)
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"90% of web sites have very poor usability. Since most other sites are bad, you can attract loads of customers if your site is easy to use and satisfies real user needs."

So says, usability guru, Jakob Nielsen. Do you think your company or organization’s Web site "is easy to use and satisfies real user needs"?

The answer is likely to be yes. After all you and your team would hardly put together a Web site that wasnít "easy to use" that didnít "satisf[y] real user needs."

Questioning your Web site

But do your customers and visitors to your Web site think so? That is the key question. A question that leads to more key questions:
  • Is your Web presence capable of achieving the goals you have set for it?
  • Does your Web site represent value for money and create a suitable return on your investment?
  • Do the design, style, content, functionality and supporting technology of your Web site serve the purposes of the site well?
  • Is your organization or company making the most of the Internet? 
  • How confident are you that your Web site could not be better?

You can probably answer a number of these questions. Your Web development team, whether in-house or out-sourced, are bound to have views to express. And you can always survey your Web siteís users. But how confident are you that the answer to all these questions is yes?

"4% of dissatisfied customers will get in touch. 96% will simply go elsewhere." Whitepaper

Independent Web site evaluation

And within these questions are any number of other questions. The trick is to ask the the right questions. That is where an experienced, independent, vendor neutral third party,  comes in. 

AuditIt draws on extensive ebusiness experience to provide the unbiased answers and opinions you need to take your Web site "to the next level." We offer Web site evaluation services that ask the right questions. In the space of 14 days at a cost of US$6500 we will evaluate your Web site for the elements of a successful Internet presence and report back with recommendations.

You give us 14 days, some background information and US$6500 and we assess your Web sites strengths and weaknesses and recommend strategies and techniques to take your Web site "to the next level." Sign up now.

AuditIt does not profess to have all the answers. But we can offer informed opinions. And our opinions could be the insights that could turn the performance of your Web site around. Sign up for a Web site evaluation to see what opportunities you are missing.

Unsure about an audit?

You may think that you're doing a relatively good job with your web site. Perhaps you get compliments on your site from customers, suppliers, prospects, and general visitors via email. But could you do a better job?

You don't know what you don't know. Remember that only 4% of dissatisfied customers will actually tell you they are dissatisfied. The silent majority will simply go elsewhere for your product or service.

The stuff you don't know

And what about what you donít know about building Web sites? Lets take, for example, the legal side of creating an Internet presence for your company or organization:

  • Did you know that unless you specifically disclaim otherwise, you are implicitly endorsing other sites when you link to them? Did you know that a dissatisfied user of one of those sites could sue you for recommending them?
  • Did you know that some businesses will refuse to do business with you if you don't have an adequate Privacy Policy posted on your site?
  • Did you know that, at least in the U.S., your web design contractors own the graphics, HTML and programming code that they developed for you, unless you've got a signed legal agreement with them stating otherwise?
  • Did you know that you can get sample Content License Agreements, Web Development Contracts, Web Site Terms & Conditions of Use, and more from a book called Internet Legal Forms For Business, published by Ladera Press, and it costs less than $50? 
  • Did you know that federally registering a copyright of your web site with the U.S. Library of Congress, Copyrights Office will provide much more legal protection if you become a victim of copyright infringement? The cost is a mere $20 and a few forms to fill out. The benefit is that you can claim statutory damages for future infringements in a lawsuit rather than having to prove actual damages.
  • Did you know that you should have copyright statements on every page of your site, not just on your home page? This precaution further protects you from "innocent infringement" (where the offender claims that they didn't know that the page was copyrighted)? Remember, web visitors can enter your site at any point through search engine queries.
And those are just a few of the legal risks...

The damage a bad Web site can do

So, we come to yet another question. What's the opportunity cost of having a poorly or incompletely executed Internet presence? 

You risk immeasurable damage to: 
  • your brand 
  • your credibility 
  • your profitability 
  • your conversion rates 
  • your customer retention rates 
  • your customer acquisition rates 
  • your market penetration
  • your gobal reach

"If a customer has a bad experience on your Web site, they will tell, on average, 10 other people."
Forester Research, 1998

Internet users are demanding, even unreasonably so. They can afford to be. Your competitors are only a click away. Can you afford not to indulge demanding visitors to your site. 

An AuditIt web site evaluation will help you prepare your Web site for its ever more demanding audience. The final question is: "Can you afford not to have your web site evaluated?"

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