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   So You Have Questions About Web Site Analysis?

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So you've decided that your Web site needs an overhaul. Before you start work, however, you and your Web design firm need to do a bit of planning.
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24 million Americans have broadband access at work but only 8.6 million have fast connections at home. (Vision Consultancy Group.)
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Web Site Evaluation Provides Answers

Are you maintaining or redeveloping an Internet presence for your company or organization? Yes?
  • You need to know whether your Web site can achieve its goals.
  • You need to know what the strengths and weaknesses of your Web site are.
  • You need to know whether your site is providing its visitors with what they need.
  • You need to get inside the heads of your customers.
  • You need a Web site evaluation.

You have two options…
1. You can perform a Web site evaluation yourself.
2. You can employ experts to perform a professional Web site evaluation and get an informed independent opinion.

We think option 2 is preferable. Not just because we are in the business. But because professional Web site evaluation offers objectivity and experience your in house team or Web developer cannot.

Why Not Perform Your Own Web Site Evaluation?

Indeed, why not? Constant Web site evaluation is a hallmark of good Web site management. The Internet environment changes from day to day and as users become more comfortable online their attitudes change and evolve. You cannot afford to take your eye off the ebusiness-management ball. Your Web site should be under constant review.

Professional Web site evaluation[services] by objective experts[about us] complements the constant review of your Internet presence. Expert appraisal gives you the benefit of a third party’s experience and objectivity. But your intimate knowledge of your customers is a crucial part of running an effective Web site that achieves your ebusiness/Internet objectives.

What Exactly Should You Be Evaluating?

Not sure what to evaluate in when conducting your own Web site review? Well, at the risk of being accused of being shameless self promoters: a professional Web site appraisal report can provide a good benchmark and model to base your self-appraisal on. But if you would prefer to do the job yourself AuditIt has a few ideas…

The AuditIt team has put together a process of Web site evaluation that will allow you to make sure you are doing everything you can to provide your site’s visitors with a rewarding experience.

You need to put your knowledge of your site’s audience to work for the process to work. How? You need to get inside your audience’s heads and see your site through their eyes.

Be prepared to do a little role-play to obtain a clear picture of your site's strengths and weaknesses. Your sites visitors will be asking questions as they interact with your Web site. Does your Web site anticipate these questions and answer them?

The audit team is preparing a sample list of web site visitors' questions. Check this page regularly to learn the questions you should be asking of your Web site.

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